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10th FIDE World Cup in Composing 2022


10th FIDE World Cup in Composing 2022


The organizers are the International Chess Federation (www.fide.com), with the participation of the World Federation for Chess Composition (www.wfcc.ch).

The holding of the tournament is the direct responsibility of the Director and the Panel of Judges:

The Director of the tournament is Aleksey Oganesyan (Russia).

     A. Twomovers – Judge: Vjacheslav Pilchenko (Russia)

     B. Threemovers – Judge: Sergey Ivanovich Tkachenko (Ukraine)

     C. Moremovers – Judge: Oto Mihalco (Slovakia)

     D. Endgame studies – Judge: Ilham Aliev (Azerbaijan)

     E. Helpmates – Judge:  Marko Klasinc (Slovenia)

     F. Selfmates – Judge: Andrey Selivanov (Russia)

     G. Fairies – Judge: Narayan Shankar Ram (India)

     H. Retros (Proofgames) – Judge:  Kostas Prentos (USA)


The tournament will be conducted from March 1 to November 1, 2022.

The closing date for submitting the entries is July 1, 2022.

The director will send all compositions to the judges on uniform and anonymous diagrams by July 15, 2022. All judges are to submit their awards by September 1, 2022.


Anyone wishing to take part in the tournament can do so.


In each section, only one composition by each author is acceptable and joint compositions are not allowed.

The theme is free in all sections. In the fairies section (G), there is no restriction on stipulations, conditions, the use of fairy pieces, or the number of moves.

In the retro section, only orthodox Proof Games (based on standard rules of chess, i.e. no fairy PGs!) will be accepted this time.

In the moremovers section (C), selfmate section (F) and fairies section (G), only computer-tested problems (using Alybadix, Popeye, WinChloe, or Gustav) are allowed; the participants should specify the version of the program they used to test their entry.

Entries must be sent on diagrams with complete solution and any comments by e-mail only to the Director’s address: alexeioganesyan@gmail.com

Participants should mention their postal address in the email.


The final results of this competition will be published on the FIDE and WFCC websites no later than November 1, 2022.

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Curierul Problemistic nr.8/2022 este on-line

 Anul 2022 a început foarte bine pentru toți corespondenții revistei ”Curierul Problemistic” fiind deja publicate un numar de peste 50 de probleme si studii de șah. Revista se poate  vizualiza gratuit la adresa:  http://www.curierulproblemistic.eu/CP_8_2022.pdf  

miercuri, 1 decembrie 2021

 La doar două săptămâni de când revista ”Curierul Problemistic” are un nou domeniu (nr. www.curierulproblemistic.eu) au fost publicate peste 100 de probleme! Numarul 7/2021 are peste  24 de pagini online în format A4 color și multe fotografii. Revista este gratuită și  susținută de un număr de peste 30 de colaboratori fideli din peste 10 țări.  Puteți vedea revista online la următoarea  adresa:  http://www.curierulproblemistic.eu/CP_7_2021.pdf 

10th FIDE World Cup in Composing 2022

  10 th  FIDE World Cup in Composing 2022 https://www.wfcc.ch/competitions/composing/fidewcc_2022/ 2. ORGANIZERS The organizers are the Inte...